EnerServ was formed in 2008 in Bahrain with the aim of creating a first-class supply and service company for the local industry with an emphasis on the Energy sector. By partnering with International sector leaders and employing competent and experienced personnel, EnerServ has risen rapidly to a peerless position as Bahrain’s premier energy service provider.

Using our foundation in Bahrain as a springboard we are exporting our business model to new markets, either independently or in joint ventures depending on the best fit-for-purpose situation in the market. Our extensive market knowledge and network of relationships within our management team allow us to establish and be operational quickly anywhere in the Middle East and African regions.

EnerServ spans its expertise to multiple geographical locations

Management Team

EnerServ management team can draw on a combined experience of 70 years within the Middle East and African region and across multiple sectors with the backbone in the Energy Sector. With a focus on doing business within our target region, we are also skilled in sourcing and partnering across the globe. An ability to work across many cultures and an understanding of the nuances of different business cultures have been key to our success in smooth project delivery. In many ways, we are regarded as the land bridge between our region and the global marketplace.

For best services in the energy industry